Hi! I’m a Graphic Designer and Geek from the island of Saint Lucia, with a passion for the arts.

I took interest in designing from an early age, and gradually developed a knack for it. Starting with Corel Draw, my first pieces were as simple as taking one image, and imposing it against another. Such was a technique used in what attracted me to designing in the first place – Virtual Tuning (2D graphical modification of vehicles). Mind you, I was no good at it though. But, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

It was only a matter of time before I found out about the god, Photoshop, and made the switch. Quite possibly, the lasso tool became my best friend at that point in time (a little Photoshop humour). So, with my new found interest of designing, I started discovering and experiencing other areas of creativity, such as Pixel Art and Web Designing. All areas which I visited and tested the waters, allowing me to develop my knowledge and skills. And whilst I’m at it, all hail those who have gone forth from before me, and created tutorials so I could have benefited from their experience!

It’s now over 6 years that I’ve been digitally splashing colors on canvas, and the discoveries and creativity never stop. One can never know every trick there is to designing, and I still reference the odd tutorial every now and then.